Californian Spray Tan

Natural-looking Tan Faster

California Tan Professionally Applied Spray Tan is one the most advanced professionally applied spray tanning ever.

Sunless tanning is now incredibly popular as more and more of us begin to understand the benefits of fake tanning.

California Tan Professionally Applied Spray Tan is different from other fake tanning treatments as it is tailored to each individual. This means that certain hard to tan areas can be sprayed to your specification, leaving you with a flawless, streak-free tan.

The California Tan solution used in the Spray Gun itself is also unique, as it provides an incredibly natural colour and does not have the tell-tale orange glow associated with many other fake tan treatments. This is due to the exclusive ingredients used within the solution including the powerful DHA Bronzextend™ Complex which is designed to develop a natural-looking tan faster and maintain the colour longer. California Tan solution also contains a bronzer for instant colour using naturally derived caramel colourants and, unlike many sunless formulas available, it contains powerful anti-oxidants and moisturising ingredients including Aloe extract, Vitamin E and Lutein. It is also alcohol-free so will not dry or irritate the skin. 

So, whether it’s for a special occasion, or simply an instant beauty boost, California Tan Professionally Applied Spray is a truly unique way to tan. 



  • Full Body - €35

  • Legs - €25

  • Upper Body - €30

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